24 hour Free to air Service, maintained by the local Christian community.

The Programming of 90 Laef FM benefits the spiritual and social well-being of listeners within the Vanuatu community.

Radio 90 Laef Fm

Third Birthday Renovation Project

Any assistance would be appreciated

1  Sound proofing the studio
(Increase the level of professionalism and
presentation of the studio to what is otherwise expected of any on air broadcaster)

1. Glass for Studio 6mm

To soundproof studio

15’000 Vt

2. Glass for Studio 6mm

To soundproof studio

15’000 Vt

3. Insulation for soundproofing

To soundproof ceiling and walls

21’000 Vt

4. Material/carpet to cover ceiling

Sound proofing and asthetics

8000 Vt

5. Window tint

4 meters

4000 Vt

6. Material/carpet  to cover wall

Sound proofing

8000 Vt

7. Wood for dropping ceiling

6000 Vt

8. s/h cork board insulation to

stop noise from ceiling

5’000 Vt

9. egg foam insulation plus paint

Sound proofing

9’600 Vt

9. Silicon x 4

2’000 Vt

10. Carpet

New Carpet for floor x 2m

12000 Vt

11. wood edging

To pull and staple carpet to

2500 Vt


8000 Vt

13. Door Frame

 4000 Vt

14.Cement x 2 bags

1700 Vt

15 Door Handle

1300 Vt

15 Cement Nails and reinforcing

2000 Vt

2. Rebuilding the Current Console/Desk (current desk is inadequate & difficult)

Current desk will go to second studio or Tanna when station starts up

Kioue for new studio desk (console)


Thicknessing and tongue in groove of wood

6000 Vt

Labour to make desk

4000 Vt


Plywood x1

6000 Vt

Cupboard doors

15’000 Vt

Hole Covers

X 8

2500 Vt

ten bank of double powerpoints

5000 Vt

Ducting for cabling

Tidy up cords

1500 Vt

3. Studio Equipment (Improve and professionalise on air sound)
In addition to 200 watt Transmitter around $3000

1. studio speakers

6 000 Vt

2. Amplifier

5000 Vt

3. Decent Radio Cassette (also for on air sound analysis)

for easy recording of announcer shifts

8000 Vt

 4. Studio rack to stack studio  transmission equipment properly

 Metal and plywood construction

3000 Vt

5. New studio Microphones

Increase clarity

36’000 Vt

6. Wants

Additional swing arm for third microphone

10’000 Vt

s/h Mini Disk Recorder portable

For outside recording

10’000 Vt

s/h Mini Disk shelf mounted

Speaker recording for future playback

10’000 Vt

s/h double cassette electronic tape deck

8’000 Vt

New Graphic Eq

Helps get a better on air sound

20’000 Vt

Ugraded stereo compressor limiter

Helps get a better on air sound

34’000 Vt

Lounge Furniture

Coffee table & new office chair

For room outside studio


On Air Sticker or

For light Box x 2

1’500  Vt

New on Air Light Box x 2 with stickers

4’000  Vt

Microphone Stand, or additional swing For fourth

mic in outside room

8’000  Vt

Back up 200 Gig Hard Drive

18’000 Vt

DVD Writer

8000 Vt

TFT Monitor

28000 Vt

Fire Extinguisher

8000 Vt

Medical Kit