Look for the Best in the Worst

Apr 4, 2020

‘...God…turned the curse into a blessing...’Deuteronomy 23:5 NCV

In 1834, when Thomas Carlyle finished writing his manuscript on the French Revolution, he asked his neighbour John Stuart Mill to read it. Later, Mill came to Carlyle’s house, shaken and pale. His maid had accidentally used it to light the fire! Carlyle despaired—two years’ work lost! Writing it initially was daunting enough; rewriting it was unthinkable. Then one day, watching a stonemason build a wall, he observed it was going up one brick at a time. Inspired, he thought, ‘I’ll write a page today and one tomorrow. One at a time; that’s all I’ll think about.’ It was slow, tedious work, but he persevered and the result outshone his original. Jon Gordon writes, ‘If you’re concerned about the future… I know how you feel. I lost my job in 2001… the company sank faster than the Titanic… I thought it was the worst event of my life. I was two months away from bankruptcy. I’d a wife, two children, a mortgage, no health insurance, and very little savings. I was one payday away from losing it all and… I had to make some important decisions. Eventually they led to the work I now do as a writer, consultant and speaker. I went from Fired to Fired-up. My lay-off led to my life’s mission… what I thought was the worst… led to the best… When the wave of change hits we have a choice… allow it to crush us, or learn from it and ride it to a positive future. The same wave that can swamp a boat can carry the surfer on his exhilarating ride. We can move forward with determination and faith that our best days are ahead.’ Rejoice. Refocus. God can turn the curse into a blessing.

SoulFood: 2 Thes 1–3, Matt 27:1–10, Ps 32, Pro 9:10–16
The Word for Today is authored by Bob and Debby Gass and published under licence from UCB International Copyright ©

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